November 7th, 2012: America Called Romney’s Bluff

Our new President is a Master of the Universe, a child whose father was a virtuous (and losing) candidate for the Presidency in 1968, a bully of a boy who was raised into the quickest growing religion most focused on prosperity, a vigorous (if less virtuous) young man who skipped Vietnam to attend the best schools and enter the most profitable profession two yards from the end-zone, a corporate operator who became a politician of the most reactionary party at the height of its popularity, a flexible deal-maker who won the governorship farthest inside enemy territory by promising not to be the guy everyone worried he might be, a helmet-haired opportunist who benefited from the dullest field of dullards to win the latest Republican primary, and a mendacious and non-human shoveler of such a huge blizzard of bullshit who barely won against the most-hated moderate to ever be elected, a tottering tower of entitlement who owes his position to Republican filibustering and the vociferous stupidity of Tea Party “revolutionaries” who would rather be dumb and poor than blue.

I hope he realizes he’s playing poker and not rummy.

Fortunately, Obama’s floor of support is 47% and Romney’s roof is also 47%. I also like to think Romney’s oiliness will ooze through in the next couple weeks. I guess we’ll see.