…I reproduce a piece of dialogue from the recent episode, an undisguised parody of Die Hard:

DRN: People’s lives are in jeopardy.

KENNEX: Dorian, you’ve been shot. Your head’s full of bubblegum, you can’t do this alone.

DRN: I have to.

KENNEX: And I’m coming with you.

DRN: You can’t. I’m designed to do this, John.

As a parody of Die Hard the episode barely even accomplishes that. It simply duplicates the plot points and some of the notes while slumping bonelessly upon Ealy’s and Urban’s ability to bro-up and chew the screen. This is typical of the show’s young life; it’s fun but lazy. As sci-fi.

As a comedy, though, the show has potential. But right now it’s trying to be genre-drama without giving a shit about either the genre or the drama. The writers aren’t likely to change this without being replaced, so I suggest they tighten up the comedy by whacking the slot to 1/2 hour. Too bad one of the leads isn’t comically plump. It could be a real thing.