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You have a despotic strongman to unite underneath! Or for the Shakespearean-impaired let that read “Authoritarian followers of the world, Pat Buchanan is dropping you off for playtime with your new ‘uncle’.”

TPM link for the weak of stomach. The original post on Townhall.com, “Is Putin One of Us?”.

The bonkers nature of Buchanan’s missive is being remarked on across the net* (largely following an initial reaction of “Didn’t he die a few years ago? No; that was Jesse Helms.) so I only add a minor quibble I have with Buchanan’s rhetoric: social liberalization is not being forced upon the majority by unelected judges from the top. The beneficiaries of the liberalization are being liberated from the torment they experience at the bottom of the social hierarchy. It is their experience and agitation and hard work that has driven the legal cases through an unenthusiastic legal establishment. The rest of us owe them a debt. They’ve won some popular votes, too, and are poised to begin winning many more. So Pat Buchanan’s authoritarian universe isn’t so much gaining speed as a counter-revolution as it remains the Ancien Régime of entitled thugs and pols and has-beens and other elites who are slowly losing their grip on power. The most important point is that it is more than just gay rights, even though Buchanan has mostly given up the race-baiting and sexism that made his career in fighting against the Civil Rights and women’s liberation movements. This makes Buchanan’s “our side’s bigger’n theirs” numbers look less overwhelming. Liberalization is happening to restrictions on speech, dress, and religious doctrine. It isn’t just a hippie experiment, there is a growing desire around the world not to be harassed, assaulted, stolen from, or murdered in the elevator or on the sidewalk for no reason by big-men who answer to no one but the self-righteous voice in their own heads, whether they are hired by Putin’s cronies or self-appointed like George Zimmerman… or promoted in the media by a waste of flesh like Pat Buchanan.

Normally my reactions to this kind of thing pass me by with a toot of a horn that blasts the lyric, “this goes without saying.” But apparently it needs saying. Because cruel and stupid assholes continue to transfer their santorum to a few in every new generation.

* Or not. It seems to have been absorbed into the Internet’s bit-bucket with nary a “gloop!” Instead, Duck Dynasty has reopened the debate about the control the corporate world has over free speech regarding homosexuality. Apparently some people on the far right think it remains, forever, 1979, and that they have recourse to the Fairness Doctrine. This to defend the rights of a person who is rich enough to say anything he likes in national media whenever he wants to.